Larry Elder throws Trump under the bus, says election wasn’t rigged

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Elder lost by so much, however, that he realized he didn’t want to look like the sore loser Trump is. Elder rejected Trump’s statement that the election was rigged and asked his supporters to be “gracious in defeat.” This is something Trump is literally incapable of doing. 

To recap, Trump has such a fragile ego that he can’t ever be wrong about anything, and can’t ever accept he lost anything. In every election he lost, he claimed there was fraud. He did that with the 2020 election, the 2016 popular vote, the Iowa caucus that Ted Cruz won, and even the Emmys. He wants “crying foul” to be the default position for every GOP election loss going forward, but even wack-a-doos like Elder realize this strategy does absolutely nothing but open you up to mockery.

Even Larry Elder is less pitiful than Trump. Did not see that coming. 

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